Screens & Barriers

Altair® Louvers offer a variety of options to choose from


Insect and Security


There are many framing systems today that will allow a security or insect screen to be placed to the inside or the outside of your Breezway Louver Windows. Following discussions with your window dealer you may choose Breezway’s ios Window System. Alternatively we will often sell our Altair Louver Strip Hardware to window dealers who will use their own framing systems.

Breezway manufactures insect screens at our factory in Oahu. If you are looking for extra security, Breezway can also supply high quality Prowler Proof Forcefield security screens that are hurricane proof and will protect your home or condominium from bugs and intruders.

View/download Prowler Proof Forcefield Flyersmall-pdf4

Please speak to our Sales Team today on (808) 484 5999 or email for further information.



Improved Energy Performance
Screens to the outside of louver blades can also aid in significant improvements to the insulation and shading properties of the window. For more information see our Energy Efficiency page.

Screen Deductions


Powerlouver in Easyscreen Screen Deductions
For Screen Deductions please view the Powerlouver in Easyscreen Screen Deductions.

Powerlouver in Easyscreen Screen Deductionssmall-pdf4

Increased Safety

Stronghold for Safe Windows


Breezway has developed the Altair Stronghold System to provide added strength and safety to your building. To achieve this, a high performance acetal pin is inserted through the inside face of the louver clip, through the bearing and a hole that is drilled into each end of the tempered glass or aluminum blade.



Ensure Everyone is Safe
By using Altair Louvers with the Stronghold System, you can gain the benefits of full ventilation whilst providing added safety to the entire window opening. For more information, please visit the Stronghold System page.