Altair® Louver Window

High performance Altair Louvers
If you are looking for a high performance, state-of-the-art louver window, you can’t go past the Altair Louver. What sets our Altair Louver apart from the rest?

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Ventilation & Energy Efficiency

Altair Louver Windows open twice as wide as any other window type allowing air conditioning and artificial lights to be turned off so you can live naturally.

Proven Performance & Compliance

Extensively tested in accredited testing facilities for high wind, resistance to water penetration, bushfires, and fall prevention. Proven in the real world during everyday life and hurricanes.

Extensive Customising Options

Every order is custom made so we can offer the widest range of customizing choices. This includes a vast number of aluminum finishes, clip and handle colors, glass types, handle types, automation, security options to name a few.

Louver Experts You Can Trust

We’ve been doing this for a long time and have customer testimonials who can give you the confidence knowing Breezway is a brand you can trust.


Your Breezway Louver Windows are guaranteed against defects arising from faulty workmanship or materials for seven years from the date you receive the windows.

Award Winning Automation

We revolutionised window automation in 2007 with the Powerlouver which is still the only window that can be easily automated without ugly external motors.

Ideal For Above Ground Level

Keeping kids safe from falls is important. Often window openings are restricted to protect kids but can be hot and stuffy. Altair Louvers with the Stronghold System maximize ventilation while keeping your family safe. Also easy to clean safely from the inside.

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