Altair® Louvers with the StrongholdTM System

Use the StrongholdTM System where windows are above ground level or extra strength is required.

Secure and Safe


Designed to mechanically retain blades without obstructing outdoor views, the Stronghold System improves blade retention and minimizes the risk of blades being dislodged by impact.

Stronghold is ideal for multi-level buildings, schools, lanai enclosures, or as an added barrier in residential buildings.

The louver blades are retained in Stronghold Clips by a pin that passes through the clips, bearing and blade. Once installed, the pins cannot be removed without tools and the blades are prevented from being removed from the clips. Pins are visible on the inside/underside of the clips.

Tested to ensure superior performance


Altair Louvers with the Stronghold System has completed static load, swing bag and sphere tests to ensure superior performance on lanais, offices and external high level areas. Depending on the blade material, testing of Stronghold has achieved a load of 700N and up to 1500N in the open position.

Note: The Stronghold System is a window, not a balustrade system. Test reports are available from Breezway. It is the responsibility of the building designer to specify systems and products that meet the barrier and balustrade requirements for a building.

Product Offer


  • Available for 4″ or 6″ glass or aluminum blades.
  • Current finish options apply.
  • Available with the range of Altair Louver options, including Powerlouver.
  • Glass blades must be processed and tempered for use with the Stronghold System.
  • Identical to the standard heights of Altair Louver Window Systems with regular clips.

Breezway Stronghold in Hawaii


To learn more about the Breezway Stronghold System that has been designed for strenght and safety please view the video below.


Stronghold TV Ad Outtakes


The following footage uses trained Breezway testers and the Breezway Stronghold System. Do not try this at home.