A full checklist is provided below to assist you when designing with Altair® Louver Windows.

Required Information


  • Design Pressure
  • Inside or outside
  • Left or Right Handed
  • Manual or Automated
  • Frame Size
  • With or without the Stronghold® System
  • Gallery Clip Size
  • Height & Width
  • Number of Bays
  • Bay type: Louver or picture window
  • Frame Color
  • Clip & Handle Color
  • Handle Type
  • Blade Type


Optional Information


  • Variable Handle Position/Additional Handles
  • Offset Mullions
  • Couplers & Cover Plates
  • Bay Configuration


  • For Altair Powerlouver Windows handle specifications are not required.
  • Manually operated Easyscreen Window Systems are no longer available in Hawaii. As the Easyscreen Window System is the only Breezway Window System compatible with the Powerlouvre Window, Easycreen Powerlouver Window Systems continue to be available.