They don’t make louvers like they used to

Allowing more ventilation than any other window type, louver windows have been used for generations to create naturally comfortable buildings. Modern Altair Louvers by Breezway are award-winning, hurricane rated and are an energy efficient window option for your next project.

Trusted by Architects and Designers

Altair Louver windows by Breezway are extensively tested for compliance to Australian and International Standards and their performance has been proven in real-world hurricane conditions. Each window is made to order, allowing the widest choice of customizing options and resulting in a window that fits as perfectly into custom designed homes as it does into schools and apartment buildings.

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Maximize Ventilation in Education Buildings to improve learning

Many scientific studies show that higher outdoor ventilation rates inside classrooms can help improve occupant comfort and learning outcomes. Lean more about the benefits Breezway Louver Windows can bring to your next education project.

Common Questions

How do I buy Breezway louver windows?

Breezway has a network of window dealers that ensure the product is locally available and built to meet the required Standards.

Can I have screens on my louver windows from Breezway?

Yes, there are framing systems today that will allow a security or insect screen to be placed to the inside or outside of your aluminium Breezway Louvers. Following discussions with your window dealer you may choose Breezway’s aluminum hurricane rated ios Window System or we will often sell our Altair Louver Strip Hardware to window dealers who will use their own framing system.

What price are they?

Breezway’s range of louver windows have undergone a transformation since the 1960’s. Today our products are very much at home in premium architectural buildings. Our products are individually tailored per window and pricing needs to be done by each design.

How wide can my louvers be?

Typically people are asking how wide a louver bay can be i.e. the length of the blades. An indicative answer is 23-5/8″ to 35-7/16″. When replacing jalousies or installing new windows to benefit from full ventilation, a rule of thumb is the higher the wind and water performance required, the shorter the blade should be. In hurricane regions the bay widths may be a maximum of 23-5/8″ or in other geographic areas with lower wind loads they may extend up to 35-7/16″. The window frame can then be designed with multiple bays to achieve the desired frame width. With Breezway’s framing systems this can be up to 157-15/32″ wide. Your window manufacturer will advise you based on your specific circumstances.

There are no standard widths. However, there are standard heights and it is beneficial to stay within these standard heights. The actual standard height will vary depending on your chosen louver size and framing system. If you use a standard height all louver blades will operate. If you have an off standard height a small piece of fixed louver blade will be placed at the head of the window to make up the difference between standard heights. It is worth discussing with your window manufacturer and builder to ensure you have standard height louver windows installed.

What about cleaning louvers?

Like all marine grade windows, jalousies will need regular cleaning. The smooth outer surface of the Altair Louver clips and the quality polished edges of the glass blades do make cleaning easier. Another big plus for cleaning our louver windows is that you can clean the inside and the outside surfaces from the inside of the building. This can be a huge plus for upper story windows.

These and more questions can be found on the FAQ page.