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Ideas Gallery

Living Rooms

With Altair Louvers you can keep a comfortable living environment in summer throughout the day without the need for air conditioning. Alternatively in cooler weather, Altair Louvers seal tight to provide protection from the elements. They don’t make louvers like they use to!

Dining Rooms

Impress your guests with walls of Altair Louver Windows in your dining areas. Open up the area to bring the outside in and really enjoy the true beauty of what Mother Nature has to offer while entertaining and enjoying meals with family.


Keep your kitchen smelling fresh with Altair Louvers that open wide and help flush out cooking smells. Consider customizing your handle positions so reaching over bench tops is easier and more efficient when opening or closing your louvers. Or opt for the Powerlouver System up high to operate louvers more conveniently.


Altair Louvers can help keep a bedroom comfortable. Installing louvers next to sliding doors can connect you to your outdoor surroundings even when doors are closed. Mix and swap louver blades depending on the season. Aluminum or wood blades can achieve shading and privacy while glass blades maximize views.

Bathrooms and Laundries

Altair Louvers in the bathroom allow steam to escape quickly and removes the build-up of condensation when dryers are running in the laundry. They function perfectly when a tall, narrow window is called for and can provide privacy in bathrooms if installed with frosted glass, timber or aluminum blades.

Louvers near/in Doors

Altair Louvers are most commonly installed into bi-fold or sliding doors so the louvers can be opened to allow ventilation into the house even if the doors remained closed. When designing your louvers into door frames, it is highly recommended you use the low profile handle for the most functional fit.

Please be advised. The installation of Altair Louver Componentry into doors is highly customized and is only available from some dealers. We recommend this installation be completed by an experienced DIY enthusiast or your local builder.

Outdoor Rooms

Altair Louvers can be used to enclose outdoor balconies so you can create extra year-round living space for the whole family to enjoy. Install wood or aluminum blades to give your family the privacy they desire from neighbours. Altair Louvers in outdoor rooms also act as a primary noise barrier for other rooms due to their tight sealing. 

External Facades

By incorporating Altair Louvers into your external facade you can add a whole new dimension to the look and feel of the project. Be inspired by the full range of colorful blade options including glass, wood or powder coated aluminum.

Walkways & Internal Ventilation

To cool a room effectively, fresh air must enter and stale air must exit. If a room has only one outside wall, this can be difficult. Altair Louver Windows are great for internal walls because they provide ample ventilation and fit any space. Louvers made of wood, aluminum, or obscure glass maintain privacy.

Classrooms & Learning Areas

Natural ventilation is important in learning environments as it helps stimulate young minds, improves learning outcomes and reduces illness. By installing Altair Louvers into classrooms and learning areas children can also maintain a connection to the outdoor world.

Office Spaces

Altair Louvers can provide beautiful lines and architectural detail to any office space. They are best for maximizing external views and enhancing internal air circulation but also keep rooms quiet when closed due to their tight sealing.

Sporting Facilities

Altair Louvers are ideal for installation into sporting venues or multi-purpose halls as they open wide to fully ventilate the area and keep occupants comfortable when viewing or participating in activities. Breezway offers a range of window systems including automation and screening options for these types of environments.

Aged Care

Altair Louvers are ideal for maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment in aged care facilities. Designed to open twice as wide as any other window types, Altair Louvers can flush out built-up air to help reduce the transmission of infectious illnesses.


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