A checklist and specification for Breezway Altair Louver Windows is important for several reasons:

  1. Customization: Breezway Altair Louvers can be custom made to different sizes, materials, and configurations. A checklist and specification can ensure that the Breezway Louvers meet the specific needs of the project. This can help in achieving the desired aesthetics, functionality, and performance of the windows.
  2. Compliance with Building Codes and regulations: There may be specific Building Codes and regulations that dictate the requirements for louver windows, such as the maximum size, the type of glass that can be used, or if fall prevention requirements are necessary. A checklist and specification can ensure that the louvers meet these requirements.
  3. Accurate cost estimation: A checklist and specification can help in accurately estimating the cost of the louver window. It can help identify the necessary components, including the size and number of louvre blades, handles, security and other features required for installation.

Please review the Breezway Altair Louver Window Checklists on this page to ensure you achieve a successful and satisfactory installation.

If you would like a Breezway Representative to walk you through the checklists and specifications, please book in a meeting to discuss your project needs on +808 484 5999 or email