We take compliance with the National Construction Code and relevant American Standards seriously. So Altair Louver Windows are extensively tested to understand and prove their compliance. This allows us to offer clear advice based on hundreds of test results.

Product Performance Warranty

Altair Louvers are designed to meet and exceed AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/1.S.2/A440-05 and A440-08. The Product Performance table outlines the maximum variations that Breezway North America will warrant per Design Pressure (DP). Exceeding these constraints will void this Warranty. The limitations have been generated through AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association) test results. The design constraints apply to Altair Strip Hardware within the ios Window System or the Makani Window System. For commercial applications, please consult Breezway with your specific project requirements, so we can correctly apply the relevant performance warranty constraints.
Breezway Design manual AS2047

Glazing Safety

Ensure your building is safe
When building or renovating, it is important to consider the safety aspects of the home and the strategic placement of louver windows to ensure building occupants are kept safe at all times. This may include wet areas in the home such as the bathroom or laundry, windows by the pool or windows in multi-story buildings.

Breezway Louver Windows with the Stronghold System are the ideal window solution for these situations. Installing the Stronghold System will allow you to gain the benefits of full ventilation and safety from the strong blade retention.

For more information please visit the Stronghold page.

Breezway Louvers

Tempered Safety Glass
High performance Breezway Louvers are now available with tempered safety glass.

  • Up to 5 times stronger than standard annealed glass.
  • If broken the tempered safety glass will break into small pieces, not large dangerous shards commonly seen with annealed glass.
  • Provides added strength and safety to your Breezway Louver Windows when using the Stronghold System.
  • Only available from Breezway.
Tempered Glass