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Altair® Louver Windows

High Performance Windows

If you are looking for a high performance, state-of-the-art louver window you can’t go past the Breezway Altair® Louver Window.

Breezway Altair Louver Windows have been utilised in multiple spaces throughout this home to help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. View project.


Patented Design

Clever and unique patented design.

Extensive Testing

NATA certified laboratory validates high wind and water performance.


Multiple framing systems or componentry to suit other frames.


Non-corrosive materials suited to the harsh climates.


Widest range of customizing options including colors and screening.


Altair Louvre Windows Office

Louver Experts

We’ve been doing this for a long time, for over 85 years in fact. We have customer testimonials that can give you the confidence knowing Breezway is a brand you can trust.

Breezway Altair louvre window


Your Breezway Altair Louver Windows are guaranteed against defects arising from faulty workmanship or materials for seven years from the date you receive the windows.

Natural Ventilation and Altair® Louver Window: A perfect match for healthy living

Natural ventilation is crucial for maintaining the quality of indoor air in any environment. It not only helps to keep the air we breathe clean and fresh but also allows us to stay connected to nature. In addition, it can significantly reduce our energy expenses.

Over the years, Louver Windows have undergone significant changes since they first appeared in the late 1930s. Despite these changes, they remain a popular and functional choice for windows. Breezway Altair Louver Windows, in particular, have a unique design that allows them to open twice as wide as other window types. This design feature provides maximum ventilation and enables a natural cooling effect in living or working spaces without the need for artificial air conditioning systems.

Breezway Ideas Book

Breezway Ideas Book

Packed with ideas and inspirations for your next project.
View PDF.

Breezway Altair® Louver Windows featured in Residential Home

Breezway Louver Windows are installed on almost every wall in the home to ensure trade winds bring natural ventilation in and filter it throughout the house. The ios Window System allows for internal screening to keep occupants protected from bugs and insects while still enjoying the benefits of fresh air. See project.



For more examples view our Project Profiles page.
Breezway Louver Windows
Breezway Louver Windows
Breezway Louver Windows
Breezway Louver Windows


Size Specs

Min Standard Height Strip Hardware 12-19/32″
Max Standard Height Strip Hardware 112-3/16″
Min Standard Height Breezway Window System 13-5/8″
Max Standard Height Breezway Window System 112-7/16″1
Min Width Strip Hardware 7-15/16″
Min Width Breezway Window System 10-10/16″2
Max Width Breezway Window System Up to 50-12/16″
All standard heights and widths are dependent on various components that make up an Altair Louver Window (e.g. clip, blade material and performance requirements). Please refer to the Size Chart on the Customizing Page for more information or speak to your local window manufacturer for advice on your specific circumstances.
  1. Max Standard Height when using the Powerlouvre System in an Easyscreen Window System is 102-13/16″ (18 blades).
  2. Min Width when using the Powerlouvre System is 15-3/4″ (2-9 blades) and 19-11/16″ (10-18 blades).

Extensive Testing

Water Pass Up to 6.75psf
Wind Pass Up to 67.5psf STP
Warranty Up to 7 years

Design Manual

Design Manual

The Breezway Design Manual is shown below in PDF format or alternatively can be viewed in a new window or downloaded using this link Breezway Design Manual

The manual contains the following relevant topics.

  • Altair Louver Features
  • Award-winning automated Powerlouver System
  • Fall Prevention Compliant Stronghold System
NOTE: The Breezway Design Manual is best viewed on a laptop or desktop computer. If you are viewing on a mobile or tablet device then we recommend opening the design manual PDF directly using this link Breezway Design Manual