If You Can’t Stand the Heat Get Some Louvers in the Kitchen

23 January 2018

Breezway Louvres in the kitchen

Keep your kitchen smelling fresh with Altair Louver Windows. With blades that open close to horizontal you can flush out cooking smells quickly and easily.

Not only do they keep your area smelling fresh but they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye so you can feel great when entertaining friends and family.

Close up of Breezway louvres in kitchen

Image: Morriarchi Pty Ltd. Breezway Louvers in the kitchen allow outdoor views to be enjoyed whilst cooking or entertaining.

Breezway Louvres with customised handle positions

Image: Consider customizing your handle positions so reaching over the bench top is easier and more efficient when opening or closing your louvers.

Breezway louvers create a more spacious environment

Image: East Coast Building Design. Breezway Louvers help your kitchen feel more spacious.

Lighten up dark pantry spaces

Image: D Pearce Constructions. Breezway Louvers with frosted glass can maintain privacy while ventilating small pantry areas in the home.

Breezway Louvers in the Kitchen

As you know, hot air rises, so if you have a lofted ceiling in your kitchen, you might consider installing Powerlouver Windows up high so you can operate these more conveniently without the hassle of pulling out map rods to operate manual louvers to help keep the air sweet. Visit the Powerlouver Page for more information.

They don’t make louvers like they use to!

For more examples on how you can install Breezway Louvers into your Kitchen, please visit our Project Profile page.

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