Hi’ilani Ecohouse, Big Island, Hawaii

The Hi’ilani Ecohouse is a sustainable 4,000 square foot carbon-neutral, two-family residence located on the Big Island of Hawaii.

This innovative house proved to be quite a challenging project for Robert Mechielsen and his team at Studio RMA, but was effectively completed with great pride and success.

The EcoHouse has been designed for two families (who have shared the same vision for many years) to come together and share the space. By doing so, this reduces each person’s ecological footprint while enhancing the quality of life by sharing resources, land and the community.

The carbon-neutral, sustainable design collaborates with nature to provide a durable and efficient building, and is truly a spectacular master piece that captures breath-taking scenic views of the Pacific for both families to enjoy.

Located in the tropics where climate control is important, the building allows airflow to filter over the roof to generate negative air pressure. This energizes an innovative and energy saving ‘eco air conditioning’ system.

Altair Louver Windows by Breezway have been critical to the design of this house to assist with the ‘eco air conditioning’ system. The Altair Powerlouvers are linked to a rooftop weather station to allow the louvers to automatically open on cool nights to let in night time breezes. This cools the concrete ceilings to keep the interior spaces at a comfortable temperature throughout the next day. In addition, manually operated Altair Louvers in a Breezway ios Surround Frame have been installed around the house with inside screens to protect the home from insects. Fans are also installed to help distribute the cool air throughout the living spaces of the home.

Overall, the completion of this project represents exceptional performance, reliability, and energy efficiency that will help protect the environment for years to come.

Project Date: May 2013

Designer – Robert Mechielsen Design
+310 455 7504

Architect – Vincent T.C. Tai
+808 941 3778