Lanai High & Elementary School, Maui, Hawaii

This school project has been designed by Collaborative Studio and was guided by an aggressive set of Department of Education (DOE) learning and sustainable objectives.

The campus includes a variety of spaces including general purpose classrooms, administration offices, science laboratories, and a series of educational outdoor spaces.

Collaborative Studio incorporated Breezway Louvre Windows into this project because they met the stringent requirements of the Department of Education.

At Breezway, we believe students need a connection with nature to help stimulate young minds. That’s why we specialise in louvre windows that reduce energy costs while allowing fresh air in to improve occupant comfort and increase learning outcomes.

Cathi Schar, the Principal at Collaborative Studio stated that “Breezway Louvre Windows provide close to 100% ventilation, enabled the school to have integral security screens and offered outstanding designer support.”

A number of Altair Louvre Windows have been installed with clear glass blades up high and at lower levels with satina (frosted) glass and standard handles. By installing Altair Louvres high up, hot stuffy air can escape quickly and be replaced by cool refreshing trade winds for the students to enjoy.

Made from non-corrosive materials, Breezway louvres ensure years of trouble-free operation. Security screens installed into the framing systems deter intruders from entering the building after school hours, while providing protection from insects when the louvres are open during the day.

Project Date – June 2013

Architect – Collaborative Studio LLC
+808 532 2177