Naturally Ventilated Halawa View Apartments

Aiea, Oahu, Hawaii

Located in Aiea, Hawaii, this 14-story unit block has been completely renovated to keep up with modern trends. The Halawa View Apartments has been fitted out with Breezway Louver Windows with 6” clear glass blades to provide uninterrupted views out onto the beautiful harbor along with the benefits of allowing fresh coastal breezes to flow in to keep occupants cool and comfortable without the need for air conditioning.

All units are individually owned and have had inside screens installed to help protect occupants from bugs and insects. By installing high performance, Breezway Louver Windows into this apartment block, the tight sealing not only provides protection from wind and water, but also acts as a noise barrier from local traffic and neighboring balconies.

A local artist, Kamea Hadar, had the honorable opportunity to paint a mural featuring a Hawaiian Moon Goddess Hina, the largest portrait mural in the state on an Oahu building.

Inspired by the view out onto Pearl Harbor, Kamea Hadar states “The portrait is of the Hawaiian Goddess of the Moon Hina, who was said to guide sailors with the moon and stars while they were at sea. It was inspired by the sacred canoe Hokulea and its historic journey around the earth named Malama Honua which translates to ‘Caring for Our Island Earth’. I did a series of projects honoring Hokulea when she left on Malama Honua 3 years ago, and wanted to honor her return. I wanted the piece to be a guiding light for Hokulea’s return home, and it was finished only a few weeks before they arrived safely home after more than 3 years at sea.”

Builder: Pacific Development Groups Halawa View Apartments
Mural Artist: Kamea Hadar
Photographer: Andrew Tran