Residential House, Oahu, Hawaii

This innovative and stylishly designed private residence is located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.
Positioned right up high up on the hillside of Honolulu, the home has breath-taking views of Diamond Head, Waikiki and downtown Honolulu.

The architect has created quite a colorful, quirky masterpiece which can be admired from all angels. His desire to install modern Breezway Louver Windows allows the home to capture cooling trade winds while enjoying the spectacular views!

The aesthetically pleasing style of new generation Breezway Louver Windows permits inside screens to be installed so the windows can be left open all day and all night, without the worry of bugs or intruders entering the home.
Breezway louvers have been installed all throughout the house in a variety of different configurations (i.e. below fixed panes of glass, multiple bays in the kitchen, even strategically placed at high and lower levels) to assist with the flow of natural air and light. Hot, built-up air can escape quickly through the high level louvers while cool, refreshing trade winds can flow in freely through lower level louvers. This reduces the need for air conditioning and ultimately the impact on the environment.

Project Date – September 2013

Architect – Vincent Tai