Sleep Comfortably at Night with Breezway Louver Windows

1 December 2017

Breezway louvers in the bedroom

What every bedroom needs is a breath of fresh air. And the best way to get lots of fresh air inside your bedroom is with Altair Louver Windows.

Fully open, Altair Louver blades are close to horizontal, thereby allowing maximum ventilation in through the window opening which is twice as much as regular sliding windows or awning windows.

Breezway Louvers in the bedroom with flyscreens

Image: Tempus Design Studio. Breezway Louvers in a fixed picture window combination help frame a view whilst still allowing plenty of air to circulate the bedroom.

Breezway louvers with glass blades

Image: Annabelle Chapman Architects. Flood your bedroom with natural light and open it up to what Mother Nature has to offer.

Altair Louver Windows can help keep your bedroom cool and comfortable. For those with limited space for a window (eg. in a small bedroom) Altair Louver Windows provide good ventilation through a much smaller window opening. You can maximize natural ventilation even further by installing louvers next to sliding doors to connect yourself with your outdoor surroundings even when the doors are closed.

Breezway louvers in the bedroom

Image: Shaun Lockyer Architects. Breezway Louvers can be custom designed to suit any space in the bedroom.

Breezway louvers with frosted blades for privacy

Image: Zaher Architects. You can mix clear and frosted glass blades with Breezway Louver Windows to provide privacy while still allowing light and air into the room.

Breezway louvrer with timber blades.jpg

Image: Chris Van Dyke. Breezway Louvers with wood blades are great for blocking out the sun and providing privacy in bedrooms.

Breezway Altair Louver Windows are elegant in style and appearance. You can mix and swap louver blades depending on the season or artistic effect of the room. Wood louvers can help achieve shading, insulation and privacy while glass blades maximize views.

Concerned about wind and rain? The patented ‘living hinge’ design of Altair Louver Windows ensures that when fully closed, they seal tight to provide superior wind and water performance.

More importantly, Altair Louver Windows by Breezway are available with a security bar system or security screens that can easily be fitted, so you and your family can rest easy at night. For more information about our barrier features, please visit our Screens and Security Bars page.

For more examples on how you can install Breezway Louvers into your Bedroom, please visit our Residential Project Profile page.

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